Now you can extract Marathi/Hindi Text from a scanned file or PDF file to Unicode Text. It’s absolutely easy.

You can then convert the Unicode Text to the Font you want to use for Print Publication, or do much more than this !

This facility is available in All Indian Languages. The accuracy is almost 95% to 100% depending on various parameters like quality of printed page, font size etc

We have converted 200 page PDF file to Unicode Text in 30 Minutes !!

Price – Rs.6,000/-

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How to Use OCR Utility in FontFreedom Smart. The Ultimate Digital Publishing Suite
In this video, we have explained how to use OCR Utility in FontFreedom Smart.

*  Software is provided with Pre-Processing and Post Processing features to handle complex OCR Needs like Text columns.

*  Needs purchase of Recharge pack, Average cost of OCR is Rs.3/- per page).